Cinnamon Toast Crunch Just Dropped A Limited-Time Spicy Edition

The "Flamin' Hot" phenomenon continues so why not a spicy cereal with hot peppers!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is hoping to have a new hit on its hands by adding some "Fuego" to its usual cinnamon flavor.

Billed as "General Mills' first hot cinnamon cereal." the new, limited-edition CinnaFuego Toast Crunch combines "sweet cinnamon and fiery spice" in an attempt to give the popular cereal snack time appeal. 

CinnaFuego Toast Crunch will be sold exclusively online at, starting on Friday, August 12, while supplies last.

Fans on social media are fired up for this!

"LETS GOOOOOOOO FINALLY SOME SPICE," one enthusiastic user wrote. Another posted, "okay wait . just wait . if this isn't good, cinnamon toast crunch, we will have words !"

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