Hulu Losing NBC and Bravo Shows to Peacock

It’s a perfect storm for Hulu: just as they announce they are hiking their prices, it’s been revealed they are losing next-day episodes of NBC shows as Peacock announced they are the new home for “next-day streaming” for both NBC and Bravo - all as the new fall TV season is about to begin.

According to a press release sent out yesterday, NBC and Bravo shows will arrive on Peacock beginning Sept. 19th. Hulu had stated back in March, when rumors first started flying, that with more streaming services entering the marketplace, the landscape was shifting, and they were shifting with it, looking to offer more original content moving forward.

Coinciding with the influx of new offerings, Peacock is looking to stake their claim in the streaming world, offering significant subscription deals through the month of September

Source: Tom’s Guide

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