The Most Underrated Halloween Movies

Don't let the usual guys like Jason or Mike Myers scare you away from monsters like a werewolf dreamed up by Stephen King. Some of the underrated Halloween films 'Looper' says you need to watch include:

  • 'Silver Bullet' - Horror author Stephen King tells the story of a boy who breaks curfew on a moonlit night to find a werewolf terrorizing his town.
  • 'Haunt' - A group of friends let their guard down after visiting an unimpressive haunted house attraction - which was their first mistake.
  • 'A House with A Clock in Its Walls' - Geared towards kids, this film follows an orphaned boy who finds a mysterious and magical clock in his uncle's home. This film stars Jack Black and Cate Blanchett and was directed by Eli Roth.

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  • 30 Most Underrated Halloween Movies You Need To Watch

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