Golden Retriever Loves Greeting Neighbors from the Roof

Huckleberry (Huck for short) is happy to welcome you to the neighborhood — if you don't mind looking up.

The 10-year-old golden retriever, born on Christmas Day, loves to greet neighbors and new friends from the roof of his Austin home.

Huck — named after Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn — splits his time between Austin, Texas, and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, with owners Allie and Justin Lindenmuth, who got the canine in 2011.

"Huckleberry definitely lives up to his name ... loveable and mischievous," Allie told PEOPLE about her pooch's personality.

Huck started to show off his mischievous side a year after the Lindenmuth family moved into their current Austin home.

"Huck discovered he could jump from the hill in our backyard onto the roof," the golden retriever's owner explained. "There was no going back after that. He loves it up there."

After realizing how much Huck adored watching the neighborhood from the roof, his pet parents started allowing supervised visits to the top of the house, which have now become routine.

"We only allow him outside when we are home, or he would be up there all day. With his old age, we have since built him a little ramp, so he does not hurt his hips getting up there," Allie shared.

Over his years of roof visits, Huck has amassed quite a following of local fans and online supporters. The dog has over 44,000 Instagram followers on his account @HucktheRoofDog.

The Lindenmuth family's neighbors know to look for Huck on the roof, where the dog eagerly greets them from his perch, but "new neighbors and passersby still come up to the door weekly" to meet Huckleberry for the first time.

Allie is happy to let Huck continue his watch from the roof because she can tell how happy it makes the pet.

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