This Is The World's Most Beautiful Woman...Mathematically Speaking

Opinions be damned - we now know definitively who the most beautiful woman in the world is. Because, math.

Although it might sound a bit odd to attempt to measure how beautiful or not an individual is, UK plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva has attempted to objectively determine the outcome with what he calls the 'Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi'.

The premise is that the closer the ratios of a face or body are to the number 1.618 (Phi), the more 'beautiful' they become - supposedly approximating the ancient Greeks’ idea of physical perfection.

 So who among us is the most beautiful? Before you take out a ruler and start measuring your face, we already have a winner. Eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape are all measured - and "Killing Eve" star Jodie Comer was found to be 94.52 percent accurate to the idea of perfection. Your runners up? Zendaya, who scored a very close 94.37 percent, while third place went to Bella Hadid at 94.35 percent.

Source: Tyla

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