UPDATE: 'Spam Figgy Pudding' Sells Out Ahead of the Holidays

They really took the line “Now, bring us some figgy pudding,” seriously.

The makers of Spam have introduced Figgy Pudding — a festive twist on the product’s original recipe — right in time for the holidays.

But the “limited-time purchase” is apparently so popular, it has already sold out on Amazon, Walmart and the company’s web site, according to NPR.

The spin on the sweet treat adds “notes of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with fig and orange flavors,” to Spam’s famed, eternally shelf-stable mix of pork and other ingredients.

Hormel, makers of Spam, has recipes online for holiday skewers, a charcuterie board and even pancakes containing the figgy pudding.

They even created an animated video entitled “We Wish You a Figgy Christmas,” whose lyrics include “and a Spam-tastic New Year.”

Figgy pudding, a traditional British dish, is a steamed cake with raisins, currants, and brandy. The present-day take on the delicacy does not include figs.

Hormel first introduced Spam in 1937 and it became popular after it was sent to feed soldiers in World War II. 

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