Missing Dog Reunited With New Mexico Owner

From KOB-TV:

A dog that went missing years ago was reunited with her family Sunday morning, and the journey she took to get back home sounds almost too good to be true.

Nearly three years ago, Harley the husky disappeared from her Los Lunas home, she was a one-year-old pup and her family was devastated.

“Three years ago, she was taken out of my yard. We looked everywhere for her,” said Jerilynn Aragon, Harley’s owner. “We just kept looking for about a year and after a year we kind of lost hope.”

But, after years of being apart, Harley was reunited with her family at a local Denny’s in Los Lunas on Sunday.

Around three weeks ago, a Chicago city animal shelter employee found a malnourished white husky roaming around. After checking out its microchip they found out it was Harley and called her owner – Jerilynn Aragon. 

How did Harley get to the windy city? That’s still a mystery. Now, she just needed a way back home and a Las Cruces dog rescue heading that way answered the call.

Watch the video below for the rest of the story from KOB-TV

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