Average Person Only Drinks Half The Water They Need Daily

Are you drinking enough water every day? The average person drinks four glasses, according to new research. And that’s only half the recommended amount of eight glasses per day.

A new study of 2-thousand adults finds:

  • 40% aren’t sure how much water they drink in a typical day.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents are aware they should drink more water than they do currently.
  • While 24% say they’re just too busy to regularly sip water all day, 49% claim they just forget to during the day.
  • More than half (60%) say hydration is important to more than just their physical health, as they report feeling happier and healthier when they drink enough water.
  • Some folks are even making New Year’s resolutions about their fluid intake, with 28% of those polled vowing to stay more hydrated in 2023 and 27% planning to cut back on the sugary drinks they consume.
  • One easy way to do that would be adding some flavor to water, as 26% say they would drink more water if it tasted better.

Source: Study Finds

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