Strangest Bets on Rihanna's Halftime Show and National Anthem

Super Bowl 2023 isn’t just about the game between the Chiefs and Eagles. Sunday is a spectacle all of its own, and each piece is eligible to make you money.

The Super Bowl is best categorized as an entertainment tsunami where seemingly all eyes gather on the national anthem, the halftime show, the commercials and the big game itself – in no particular order, depending on the viewer.

And the best part is, you can bet on all of it – if you find the right sportsbook. Most of these props are not eligible to be bet on legally in the states but can be found at offshore books or overseas – and are at least worth knowing as you watch this weekend. If you like one of these bets, ask a friend if they’ll take the other side.

Last year, we had Mickey Guyton go on for 112 seconds, which was actually over the projected total by 17 seconds. The shortest in Super Bowl history was Billy Joel, when he went for just 90 seconds in 2007 ahead of Colts vs. Bears.

Stapleton is a bit of a slower-paced singer, as showcased in his hit songs “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Joy Of My Life.” He is a powerful yet slow singer and should be a worthy bet to get over this lofty total of 124 seconds.

Chris Stapleton hat primary color

Black: +350

Any other color -600

Typically, Stapleton wears a beige-colored hat, so -600 is a worthy favorite there. However, +350 on a color as easy to wear as black seems like a good value. These are gambles, of course, so let’s be cautious about all of these.

Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show odds

Many of these are eligible to be bet on at FanDuel Sportsbook in Ontario, Canada

First song played



Don’t Stop The Music


Run This Town




This Is What You Came For


Bitch Better Have My Money






We Found Love


Where Have You Been


A prop like the first song to be played at the Super Bowl Halftime Show carries tons of randomness and can be changed at any time during rehearsal. For what it’s worth, Umbrella is also the most likely song to be played (-3000). So you could do worse than Umbrella at +1000 when you know with near certainty that this song will be one of the nine-ish songs played at halftime.

Guest Appearances

 Halftime Guest Appearance



Calvin Harris




A$AP Rocky


DJ Khaled


Kendrick Lamar




A$AP Rocky with a baby


Kanye West




Kid Cudi


David Guetta


Paul McCartney


Pharrell Williams






Chris Martin






It seems overwhelmingly likely that Jay-Z will be making a guest-starring appearance at Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. But there is no value there. How about A$AP Rocky with a baby at +350? The two recently had a baby together, and this would be a wonderful feel, good moment for everyone.

Over/under song totals

Over 8.5 songs (-130)

Under 8.5 songs (-110)


Rihanna hair color

Black -1000

Blonde +600

Red +900

Pink +1000

Purple +1000

Blue +1400

Rihanna has never been shy about her hair. She has probably had each of these colors at some point or another. And while her hair is currently black (-1000), that does not mean that it won’t change. If you’re looking for a long shot gamble, red at +900 isn’t a bad bet.

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