Girl Scout Cookie Shortage Blamed On Bakery Delays

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on boxes of your favorite Girl Scout cookies this year, there’s a valid - although no less frustrating - reason why. Little Brownie Bakers, which provides eight varieties of cookies for the annual sale, says a number of production issues at their Louisville, Kentucky, manufacturing facility are to blame.

In a Facebook post, the company explains that labor shortages, global supply chain issues and severe weather in Kentucky have caused delays. They lost power from storms and had mechanical issues that slowed the production of Samoas, one of their most popular cookies. But the bakery says employees are now working overtime to get orders filled as soon as possible.

“We share the frustration that some Girl Scout troops feel this cookie season,” Little Brownie Bakers writes in the post. “We are aiming to fulfill reorders in the upcoming weeks.” Girl Scouts of the USA also expressed frustration with the shortage and assured fans they’re doing everything they can to “soften the impact of the ongoing issues.”

Source: Today

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