Bad Costco Shopping Behaviors That Drive Members Crazy

Costco has some devoted fans and so many love the warehouse club that it has 123-million cardholders as of February. A Costco run can be a wonderful experience as you roam the aisles filling your cart with everything from batteries to organic berries, but bad behavior from fellow shoppers can also ruin it fast.

These are the top complaints members have about things other Costco shoppers do that drive them crazy. You don’t want to be one of them, so here’s what to avoid.

  • Blocking store aisles - While it’s an enormous store, navigating the aisles during busy times can be extremely aggravating, especially when shoppers block them with their shopping carts. Whether you’re running back to grab something you forgot or stopping to get a sample, try to move your cart to the side so other people can get by, or be prepared to suffer their wrath.
  • Not having membership cards ready - You know you’re going to have to show your membership card when you go in and when you check out, so it’s no wonder people get frustrated by those who are still scrambling to find theirs when they need it. No one wants to have to wait for you to dig through your wallet to find your card while their three-gallon tub of ice cream is getting warm in their cart.
  • Leaving trash around the store - Another top complaint is the garbage left behind by those who can’t resist all the free samples at Costco. You’ve probably noticed those little spoons and disposable cups abandoned in the aisles and on top of products instead of being thrown away, but you’re better than that. It’s not hard to find a trash can, they’re all over the store.
  • Returning things to the wrong shelves - The stores are huge, so it may be tempting to stick that jug of detergent on some random shelf when you realize you don’t need it, but your fellow shoppers really wish you wouldn’t. Even worse? When people leave refrigerated foods in the wrong place.
  • Clogging the parking lot - The parking lots at Costco are often pretty full, so it can take a minute to find a space, but some shoppers really hate it when drivers stop in the middle of a parking lot row to wait for someone to unload their cart into their car so they can take their parking space. It leaves drivers stuck behind them, so try to find a space that’s available now, not soon, or at least leave room for others to get past you.

Source: Eat This, Not That

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