Half Of Moms Have Eaten "Surprise Meals" Made By Their Children

Moms will do anything for their kids, and that includes eating whatever they make for us. A chocolate and spaghetti sandwich? Sure! A poll by Ocado of two thousand moms found that 46 percent have had their youngsters cook them a “surprise meal” that looks gross.

What did the mothers do when presented with odd concoctions? Half ate it while 49 percent pretended to eat a meal their kid made them. Of those, 26 percent gave it to the family pet. Poor Fido! The half that really ate it had a problem, though with 82 percent saying their kids took it as a sign to make MORE surprise meals.

The top holiday for kiddos to break out their culinary skills is Mother’s Day, with birthdays, Christmas, and Easter following close behind.

Instead of discouraging kids, get a cookbook for them and try recipes they can do on their own.

Source: Study Finds

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