These Are The Most (And Least) Expensive States To Move To

Finding affordable housing can be a challenge, but it all depends on where you live. New research from Living Cozy reveals which states are kinder to your wallet when it comes to housing. They looked at the average house prices and growth in house price value in each state to come up with the most and least expensive states to move to this year.

The top 10 Least Expensive States to Move to In 2023

  1. West Virginia (average house price: $123,200)
  2. Mississippi (average house price: $125,500)
  3. Arkansas (average house price: $133,600)
  4. Oklahoma (average house price: $142,400)
  5. Kentucky (average house prices: $147,100)
  6. Indiana (average house price: $148,900)
  7. Alabama (average house price: $149,600)
  8. Ohio (average house price: $151,400)
  9. Iowa (average house price: $153,900)
  10. Kansas (average house price: $157,600)

The Top 10 Most Expensive States to Move to In 2023

  1. Hawaii (average house price: $636,400)
  2. Washington, D.C. (average house price: $618,100)
  3. California (average house price: $538,500)
  4. Massachusetts (average house price: $398,800)
  5. Colorado (average house price: $369,900)
  6. Washington (average house price: $366,800)
  7. New Jersey (average house price: $343,500)
  8. Oregon (average house price: $336,700)
  9. Maryland (average house price: $325,400)
  10. New York (average house price: $325,000)

Source: Apartment Therapy

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