Only 25% Of Parents Believe Kids Are Actually Washing Their Hands

Most people agree that in today’s world, washing your hands is one of the most important steps you can take to stay healthy. In fact, new research finds that 93% believe it’s an essential life practice. But kids don’t seem to see it as a necessity, according to their parents, because 75% of them don’t believe their kids always wash their hands when they’re told to do so.

Bradley Corp’s annual Healthy Handwashing Survey asked 1,025 U.S. adults about their handwashing habits and it reveals:

  • The reason so many parents are skeptical about their kiddo’s handwashing habits may be because 60% of parents polled admit to lying to their own parents about washing their hands when they were kids, so they assume their kids are doing the same.
  • To get their kids to suds up, 57% of moms and dads just ask their kids to wash their hands, 35% buy fun soaps to make it more interesting, 34% incorporate handwashing into their kids’ routines and 19% even turn it into a contest or game.
  • Schools are also pushing hand hygiene, with nearly two-thirds of parents reporting that handwashing is built into their child’s daily schedule.
  • As for grown ups, 75% say they make a conscious effort to wash their hands anytime they stop during a road trip, 69% always wash up at an airport and 63% do the same when special occasions or holidays are approaching.
  • Beyond the physical benefits, almost 70% of respondents say they feel healthier or safer immediately after washing their hands.
  • The different types of hand washers people identify as include:
    • “Rule Followers” (51%) - They apply soap, lather up, scrub completely, rinse and dry.
    • “Lather and Linger” (35%) - They do a very thorough job of lathering and washing.
    • “Twice as Good” (33%) - This group says they always use two pumps of soap.
    • “Human Dryer” (20%) - After washing, this group wipes their hands on their clothes to dry.

Source: Bradley Corp

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