A 5-Year-Old Girl Orders $4K Of Toys & Boots On Amazon

A Massachusetts mom didn’t think anything of handing her phone to her daughter during a car ride, but it turned out to be a pricey mistake. Jessica Nunes says her five-year-old daughter, Lila Varisco, likes to play games on the phone, so she gladly handed it over. But instead of entertaining herself with games, little Lila treated herself to a shopping spree.

“I went about my day thinking nothing of it until my phone buzzed at 2 a.m. the next morning alerting me to a shipped Amazon order,” Nunes says. Afraid she’d been hacked, the mom checked Amazon and that’s when she discovered her card had been charged a total of $3,922. All thanks to her young daughter.

It turns out, Lila had ordered 10 kids’ dirt bikes, a children’s two-seat ride-on Jeep, which she planned to enjoy with her two-year-old brother, and 10 pairs of white cowgirl boots in a women’s size 7, which happens to be her mom’s size. Lila had a simple explanation for her order, telling her mom, “I just wanted it and I got it.” Fortunately, all of the companies involved have agreed to returns and refunds.

Source: Today

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