How To Make Kids’ Easter Baskets Healthier

When you’re a kid, the best part about Easter is definitely the candy. That love of sweets never goes away for some of us, but as parents, we know that too much sugar isn’t good for us or our little ones. So you may not want to fill an Easter basket with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and countless other candies that may linger around the house for weeks.

Many moms and dads are faced with the dilemma of how to make their kids’ Easter baskets a little healthier and these ideas can help.

  • Balance out the junk food you include by adding in other treats like dried fruit, packets of nut butter, granola bars and popcorn.
  • Fill those plastic eggs with something other than candy, like stickers, coins, hair ties or temporary tattoos.
  • Surround the chocolate bunny with spring items your kid needs anyway. Sunglasses, sandals, bathing suits and hats make great options they’ll actually be happy to get.
  • Buy healthier candy, including dark chocolate, chocolate-covered nuts, gummies and lollipops made with less sugar.
  • An easy swap is adding non-food items like chalk, a new water bottle, gift cards, movies or music.
  • And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can always DIY your own peanut butter eggs and graham snacks to control the ingredients.
  • But don’t feel bad about including some candy in their Easter baskets, too. Kids want some treats, especially on Easter.

Source: Philly Voice

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