Survey: Moms Are Better With Bedtime, Dads Better With Tantrums

Parenting can be challenging and moms and dads of toddlers experience a lot of those challenges on a regular basis. According to a new survey of 2-thousand parents with kids under four, they have a disagreement with their little one every other day. And that’s part of what leads to them compromising with their kid an average of four times a week.

The survey finds:

  • There are some areas of parenting these moms and dads claim to have mastered already, including bath time (61%), bedtime routines (59%) morning routines (58%) and snuggling and bonding time (58%).
  • Temper tantrums come with the territory when you have a toddler and 74% of respondents say their kid has thrown at least one in the last month. But the survey finds the average kid throws around four a week.
  • Parents know they’re not perfect and 76% admit they’ve made mistakes. Moms are more likely to feel guilty when they make a mistake (59% of moms versus 44% of dads).

The poll also reveals some differences in the strengths of moms and dads:

  • Moms are more likely than dads to be experts at bedtime (59% versus 48%)
  • Dads tend to bargain more over bath time than moms (37% versus 28%)
  • Moms are more likely to take bath time duty, with 71% saying they do it most of the time, compared to just 24% of dads.
  • Fathers are slightly better at managing tantrums than mothers (45% versus 42%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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