Adele Drives James Corden In The Final Carpool Karaoke

As “The Late Late Show with James Corden” comes to an end this week, a very special guest gave him a very special sendoff. Singing superstar and longtime friend Adele surprised Corden in his final Carpool Karaoke segment by waking him up out of bed with cymbals and driving him around Los Angeles as the two discussed their lives, friendship, and belted out some Adele classics.

Here's a breakdown of the heartfelt segment:

  • While Adele pulled out of the driveway, Corden got immediately nervous over his pal’s ability behind the wheel since she almost backed into a car. Adele admitted, “I’m not a brilliant driver” and Corden quickly jumped in to agree.
  • After busting out a duet of “Rollin’ in the Deep,” Corden admitted the thing he was most afraid of when he started the show eight years ago was not being able to get guests on the show. He said that no one would do carpool karaoke until Mariah Carey agreed to do it. However, Corden revealed that Mariah said she’d do the segment in the car but she wouldn’t sing, but Corden knew his only job was to get her to sing. At this point in the video, they cut to a clip of Corden driving with Carey and pressuring her into crooning “Always Be My Baby.”
  • Corden says the Carpool that surprised him most was Stevie Wonder. He said he’d never forget Wonder calling Corden’s wife, Julia, during the segment to sing ,“I just called to say I love you”.
  • Corden and Adele then reminisced about the time he they tried to prank Adele with an animatronic bear they had to fly in from Canada. The joke was that park rangers were supposed to barge in on her interview to capture the bear. However, Adele’s assistant spotted a tiny camera and informed Adele that she was being spied on. In a clip of the segment, Adele went into the rental house and was made to believe an obsessed fan had pictures of her all of the bedroom. Adele got paranoid that she was being spied on and livestreamed and things got so heated, that Corden finally had to come out and admit the jig was up.
  • About halfway through the segment, Adele explained that the song “I Drink Wine” was inspired by a conversation she had with Corden in January of 2020 when their families were vacationing together. She said she was having a hard time “holding herself accountable” after leaving husband Simon Konecki. Adele then revealed that as they were leaving, James broke down over things happening in his personal life. Adele took that conversation and recorded “I Drink Wine,” which Corden called the “the greatest privilege.”
  • Near the end, Corden reminds Adele that she’s one Tony award away from being an EGOT winner. However, Adele says that will never happen for her because she “effing hates musicals.” At this point, the two break into a raucous rendition of Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade." 
  • Finally, Adele asks Corden what he’ll miss most about the show. Corden admits he’ll miss the friends he’s made, and he’ll miss living in Los Angeles. However, he says that with his family in the U.K. getting older, “it’s time to go home.”
  • As the segment ends and the car pulls into the lot where “The Late Late Show” shoots, the two friends break down in tears professing their undying love and friendship to one another.

Source: Daily Mail

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