Mattel Introduces First Barbie With Down Syndrome

There’s a brand new Barbie and she’s making history and bringing representation to toy aisles. Mattel has announced the debut of the latest addition to Barbie’s Fashionista collection - a Barbie with Down syndrome. It’s a first for the toy maker, who worked with the National Down Syndrome Society to make sure the doll accurately represents someone with Down syndrome.

The new Barbie features a rounder face shape, smaller ears, a flat nasal bridge and “almond shaped” eyes, as well as a shorter frame and longer torso. The doll is also wearing leg orthotics, which some kids with Down syndrome wear to support their feet and ankles, and her dress pattern has butterflies and yellow and blue flowers, which are symbols and colors associated with Down syndrome awareness.

“This is a great win for everyone who has been fighting for our kids to get noticed and included as valuable and contributing members of society,” says Ebbe Bassey, whose daughter Anoushka has Down syndrome. “Everyone wants to see themselves reflected, and it’s just the beginning.”

Source: Today

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