These Are The Brand Names People Mispronounce Most

It can be embarrassing when you realize you’ve been pronouncing a word wrong, like say, quinoa [[KEEN-wah]]. While some words are just said differently depending on who’s saying them, like Reese’s, which can be [[REE-suz]] or [[REE-seez]], sometimes we’re just unaware of the correct way to pronounce something. Recently, Business Name Generator, a site that uses AI to develop brand identity, analyzed Google search results to find out the brands that give people the most trouble when it comes to pronunciation.

A lot of these are luxury brand labels and European companies, which can be tricky for Americans to know how to say, but some of these are pretty surprising. These are the top 20 brands we mispronounce most.

  1. Porsche [[POR-shaa]]
  2. Nike [[Nigh-key]]
  3. Hermès [[AIR-mez]]
  4. Louis Vuitton (LOO-ee we-taahn)
  5. Hyundai [[HUN-day]]
  6. IKEA [[Ee-KEH-yah]]
  7. Audi [[OW-dee]]
  8. Yves Saint Laurent [[EVE-sanh la-rahn]]
  9. Givenchy [[JHEE-von-shee]]
  10. Versace [[VUR-sah-chay]]
  11. Peugeot [[poo-ZHOW]]
  12. Adidas [[ADD-dee-dass]]
  13. Bvlgari [[BUHL-guh-ree]]
  14. Gucci [[GOO-chi]]
  15. Nutella [[new-TELL-uh]]
  16. Huawei [[WAH-way]]
  17. Balenciaga [[BAH-len-see-ah-gah]]
  18. Moschino [[mos-KEY-no]]
  19. Tag Heuer [[TAG hoy-er]]
  20. Adobe [[UH-doe-bee]]

Source: The Takeout

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