“Anti-Bride Weddings” Could Be Next Big Thing

Pinterest is the go-to for many people getting married, and with more than 2-billion wedding ideas on the platform, 60% of wedding planners say it’s their first stop for inspiration as well. So they know what’s in and what’s not when it comes to tying the knot and their latest research finds a surprising new trend could be the next big thing in nuptials. Pinterest’s 2023 Wedding Report reveals searches for “anti-bride wedding” have increased 490%.

But what is an “anti-bride wedding?” Jenna Waller, head of fashion at Pinterest, explains, “Despite the scary name, an ‘anti-bride wedding’ simply means picking an alternative style for your wedding, one that isn’t afraid to bend the rules of a traditional big ceremony.” And it’s part of a larger trend for more creative and unique nuptials, as Pinterest reports searches for other alternatives are on the rise as well, including “underwater wedding” (up 305%), and “colorful wedding veil” (up 260%).

The “anti-bride wedding” trend can be done in various ways, including what the bride and groom decide to wear, the choice of the venue, and the decor and the music. It’s really all about being original and Waller says examples they’ve seen include brides wearing pearl white suits instead of dresses, having bridesmaids wear black dresses or even hot pink. She shares that searches for hot pink are up 465% in the last year, adding, “I’m sure we’ll be seeing a few Barbie world weddings this season.”

Source: Independent

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