These Are Etsy’s Top Decor Trends Of 2023 So Far

When you’re looking for one-of-a-kind pieces or vintage style items for the home, Etsy is a good place to start. They sell everything from mirrors to wallpaper and so many people use the site, there’s a search for handmade or vintage furniture on Etsy every 15 seconds. And a new report from them reveals what shoppers are really looking for.

Etsy’s top decor trends for 2023 so far include:

  • Dark wood - According to Etsy’s 2023 Collections Curator, Martha Stewart, “Brown furniture is alive and well.” The report shows dark wood is popular with shoppers, as there’s been a 33% increase in searches for walnut desks and accessories, as well as a 28% boost for brown seating or furniture.
  • Parisian interiors - We can’t all go to Paris this summer, but many people are bringing the style to their homes. Etsy has seen a 119% increase in searches for wall mirrors, searches for marble sinks are up 96% and custom oil painting searches have increased by 67%. They’ve also had a 44% surge in ruffled duvet cover searches.
  • Mermaidcore - Already a popular trend in jewelry on Etsy, it’s now moving into the home space. Think coastal grandmother, with a dash of whimsy. Searches for scalloped decor are up 125% this year, there’s been a 30% increase in oyster shell ring dishes, as well as a 24% increase for mother-of-pearl trays.
  • Paper lighting - It’s fun and affordable, and paper lighting is also back in a big way, with an 85% increase in Etsy searches for hanging paper lanterns and a 61% boost in searches for rice paper lighting.
  • Jewelry for the home - People like the idea of turning rooms into a gem, as the platform has seen a 139% surge in gemstone decor this year. There’s also been a 13% boost in searches for brass kitchen hardware.
  • Rugs with personality - Etsy’s report reveals a 401% increase in searches for handwoven rugs, as well as a 62% jump in custom rug searches.
  • Vintage patterns - Proving what’s old is new again, there’s been an enormous 1,041% increase in searches for embroidered botanical items and a 162% bump in vintage wallpaper searches.

Source: Real Simple

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