Study Says Having Too Many Computer Tabs Open Can Stress You Out

Do you keep a lot of tabs open on your computer? It can take a toll on your computer as well as your mental health, according to a new study. Researchers from Aalto University in Finland have found that one in four people feel stressed and overwhelmed when they have a cluttered computer.

They say one reason people have so much junk on their computers is because of bad browsing habits. Those who keep a lot of browser windows and tabs open are more likely to stress out. The study also finds that leaving pages open can negatively influence how you search for information because people easily forget what they were looking for and lose their concentration.

Multitasking is another problem for computer clutter. Study authors found that people are more hesitant to close tabs when they involve different activities, like one for gaming, another for research and one for booking a restaurant reservation. They say the best way to deal with the issue is to find problem-focused solutions, including giving yourself a maximum number of tabs to keep open at one time.

Source: Study Finds

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