Costco Shoppers Say These Are The Best Wings Money Can Buy

Wings are a staple for a lot of people, and Costco fans say they’ve identified the absolute best wings they’ve ever had…and they’re in the freezer section.

The Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Chicken Wings, available in Classic Buffalo and Sweet Chipotle BBQ flavors, are available for around $24 at some locations, but your price and availability may vary. 

These wings came to everyone’s attention thanks to a Reddit post calling them the “best wings I ever bought.” That led to a flood of positive reviews for the wings, with some saying they’re better than takeout wings…as long as you prepare them right. What’s the “right” way? A common answer to that question is “air fryer.” Be warned, though; while the wings are getting rave reviews, the sauce that comes with them is getting comments like “meh” and “god awful,” so you may want to add your own sauce. 

Source: Eat This Not That

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