Are You Guilty Of Snooping? Over 90% Admit To Going Through Devices

Have something to hide? Your digital device may not be the best place to keep it, as a new survey finds 82% of people admit to snooping through other people’s devices. And they must have really good skills, as 81% claim they’ve never been caught for snooping.

According to the poll of 1,000 Americans, 53% say they’ve actually found something incriminating or concerning while poking around. The most common discoveries are evidence their partner is cheating, or at least flirting, with someone else, with 70% claiming they’ve found proof of this when going through someone’s device.

The survey also reveals:

  • Only 10% of respondents claim to have never looked through someone else’s device.
  • Those most likely to do the snooping are romantic partners and exes.
  • 87% of snoopers head straight for the person’s messages, emails or social media messages.
  • Nearly half (44%) check out the person’s photos and 38% review their target’s browser history.
  • Women are more likely to admit they snoop than men (88% versus 77%).
  • One in four say they discover “something significant” every time, or nearly every time they snoop, while a third admit they never find anything incriminating.
  • Despite their sneakiness, 35% never feel guilty for snooping.
  • Source: Study Finds

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