Love Spice? These Are The Best Spicy Chips!

Hot and spicy foods have been in vogue for quite some time now, and peppers are finding their place on a lot of different munchables. Sporked ranks some of the best spiced-up snacks for you to try, but we suggest a glass of cold milk as an accompaniment:

  • Best Mild – Kettle Krinkle Cut Habanero Lime: 8/10


  • Best Takis – Takis Fuego: 8.5/10


  • Best Flamin’ Hot – Ruffles Flamin’ Hot BBQ: 9/10


  • Most Unexpected – Herr’s Jalapeno Poppers: 9.5/10


  • Best Corn-based Chip – Doritos Tapatio: 10/10


  • Best Tangy – Herr’s Hot Sauce: 10/10


  • Best Cheesy – Herr’s Carolina Reaper Extra Hot: 10/10


  • Best of the Best – Boulder Canyon Yellowbird Habanero Kettle Style: 10/10

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