The Biggest Things That Annoy Rideshare Users

Thanks to Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services, it’s a lot easier to get to and from places these days. Their apps make it much more convenient than trying to hail a cab on the side of the road, but those who use the services still have some complaints.

Upgraded Points surveyed more than 3-thousand rideshare passengers about their biggest grievances and found:

  • Top pet peeves about rideshare apps include surge pricing (65%), lack of driver availability (36%), unfair cancellation fees (29%) and not being able to find their driver (27%).
  • Riders also have grievances specific to drivers, including reckless driving (55%), smelly vehicles (54%), texting while driving (49%) and drivers with bad attitudes (49%).
  • Passengers are also guilty of bad behavior while ridesharing. They admit the things they do most often are forgetting to wear a seatbelt (31%), keeping the driver waiting (27%), being overly chatty with drivers (25%), not tipping when they say they will (19%), squeezing too many people in the car (15%) and even throwing up in the car (3%).
  • When it comes to drivers, 62% of passengers say they tip after every ride, while only 47% rate their driver after every ride.
  • Overall, Uber is the preferred rideshare app for 71% of riders, while 28% prefer Lyft.

The poll also asked a series of “would you rather” questions, which reveal:

  • More riders would rather be with a driver who’s a speed demon (56%) than ride in a stinky car (44%).
  • 62% of riders would rather discuss controversial topics - like religion or politics - with drivers than have two drivers cancel on them back-to-back (38%).
  • Three in four riders would prefer sitting in silence than having a full-blown conversation with their driver (25%).

Source: Upgraded Points

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