25 Fast-Food Fries From Worst To Best

Fast-food fries are pretty much an essential add-on to burgers and most people have their opinions about which chain serves the best ones. Even though they were originally called French fries, they were a Belgian invention that found their way across the pond to become as popular as they are. TastingTable has ranked 25 chains that serve fries in the order of worst to best. Here are their findings.

25. Dairy Queen – these fries are at the bottom of the list being reported as under-salted, limp, and cold.

24. White Castle – crinkle-cut fries that are limp and saltless with no crispiness.

23. Sonic – TastingTable says these fries are standard-cut, run-of-the-mill fries that are never fresh.

22. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s – forgettable, standard natural-cut fries that come in low on the rankings.

21. In-N-Out Burger – plain, forgettable, okay fries that aren’t on par with their burgers.

20. Raising Cane’s – crinkle-cut longer and skinnier fries that are just standard and nothing special.

19. Culver’s – another crinkle-cut version that are just ok.

18. Bojangles – their fries are on the soggy side which places them at number 18 on the list.

17. Zaxby’s – seasoned crinkle-cut fries that are unremarkable.

16. Shake Shack – also crinkle-cut, they can sometimes be too crispy and under-salted.

15. Jack in the Box – standard-cut and seasoned curly fries are the choices here.

14. KFC – their ‘secret recipe fries” are tasty and crispy and a good complement to their chicken.

13. Popeyes – their seasoned Cajun fries are crispy and flavorful but not always fresh.

12. Taco Bell Nacho Fries – served with Nacho cheese, they are not always on the menu but are a

a good choice.

11. Wingstop – thin, standard-cut fries that are a little greasy but go well with wings and sauces.

10. Steak ‘n Shake – thin and crispy shoestring fries that are consistent and tasty.

9. Nathan’s Famous – pretty good crinkle-cut fries that have lots of fans because of their seasoning and you can find the frozen ones at your grocery store.

8. Whataburger – these are skinny fries similar to shoestring ones that are crisp and tasty.

7. Portillo’s – long and thin crinkle-cut fries that are perfectly salted and crispy and if paired with

cheese sauce they are even better.

6. Burger King – standard natural-cut fries that are crisp on the outside and pillowy on the inside.

They also offer chicken fries as an option.

5. Chick-fil-A – their waffle-cut fries are crisp on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.

4. Five Guys – their natural-cut fries come in regular and Cajun versions with large portions.

3. Arby’s – seasoned and crispy curly fries that have great taste.

2. McDonald’s – iconic fries that are consistently delicious and rank high.

1. Wendy’s – according to this poll, Wendy’s has knocked off McDonald’s from the usual number one ranking with their fresh and salty natural-cut fries with soft interior and crispy exterior.

You may agree or disagree with the rankings here, but fries in America are here to stay!


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