Moms Tell Us EXACTLY What They Want For Mother's Day

Still trying to figure out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? You probably shouldn’t be as she’s already told you exactly what she wants, according to a new survey.

It polled 1,000 moms and 1,000 men in relationships who celebrate Mother’s Day about their gifting habits and found:

  • 70% of moms are vocal about what they want for Mother’s Day.
  • More than two-thirds of moms would make a written wishlist to help their partner’s with shopping.
  • Top Mother’s Day gifts men plan to buy include jewelry (43%), edible gifts (39%) and clothing or accessories (36%).
  • The moms say their top presents are a handmade gift (38%), baked cookies from their kids or partner (37%) and a spa day (37%).
  • But nearly half of moms polled say they’d love for their partner to take on all household chores and tasks for the day.

Source: Yahoo

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