Shoe Company Shares Hack To Ease Pain Of Wearing High Heels

Anyone who’s ever worn high heels knows that even if they feel good when you put them on, after walking and standing in them for a while, they tend to start to hurt your feet. We still wear them, since they look good and help make us look good, too, but that pain can be enough to make you swear off heels altogether. But a hack from a shoe company could change all that.

UK-based shoe brand EGO Official has shared a 10-second video on TikTok that reveals the simple fix, and all it takes is some clear tape. In the clip, the model tapes her third and fourth toes together and the caption explains that this “helps you last longer in heels.” The idea is that the tape helps relieve pressure and improve comfort for your feet. The model tapes up her toes, then straps up her 5-inch stilettos and she’s off.

It’s quick and easy, and based on some of the comments, it really works:

  • “The nerves that control the most pain come from the nerves between the 3rd and 4th toe,” writes one TikToker. “By bringing the 2 together, you are releasing pressure.”
  • “My auntie taught me this!,” shares another user.
  • And a third comments, “I used to do this YEARS ago with bandaids before we would go clubbing and it really does work.”
  • But not everyone is sold on the shoes. “It’s uncomfortable to even look at this,” writes one viewer. “I know how tired your feet were after five minutes of wearing those shoes.”

Source: NY Post

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