Teachers and students across the country are counting down the days until this school year ends and they don’t have many left. To thank their teachers for everything they’ve done all year, a lot of kids will be bringing them gifts, and while it’s the thought that counts, some presents are more appreciated than others.

Scary Mommy asked readers for suggestions on what - and what not - to give teachers this year. The most common response? No more mugs, as teachers already have enough “Best Teacher” swag.

Here’s what parents and teachers themselves recommend.

What NOT to give:

  • “Mugs. I’ve accumulated so many freaking mugs in my teaching years!”
  • “Usually no food unless you know them and it's something that they like.”
  • “Don’t buy them supplies as gifts. If they need supplies, buy that separately. The supplies are for the kids.”
  • “Please no alcohol. Not all teachers drink!”
  • “They do not need more ‘World’s Best Teacher’ items.”
  • “I would avoid bath products and candles. Scents are very much a personal preference.” “Nothing that says ‘Teachers touch hearts and change the world,’ etc. I have so many tea towels with that sentiment, and it's very sweet but also not how I want to decorate my home.”

What to give instead:

  • “Gift cards, even just $5 ones, and a thoughtful note”
  • “I’m a teacher and truly the best gifts are heartfelt notes from the kids. When they include a memory or something they learned, it just reminds you why you do what you do.”
  • “I bought a session with a local photographer for my daughter's teacher and her family.”
  • “I give my teachers wine gift cards for a bottle of their choice to start the summer with. I know how my kids act…I know that they need it after 10 months with them.”
  • “As a former teacher, I can honestly say that no gift was ever unappreciated or unused.”
  • “Best present I ever received from a parent was a nice quality beach towel and sunblock.”
  • “My best gift of 36 years of teaching was a jar with 100 slips of paper. Each slip had something written on it about funny things that happened in class, what the student liked about our class, or about me.”

Source: Scary Mommy

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