Americans Are Waiting Longer To Get Married

Getting married before 25 is a rarity. 

New research found U.S. adults who marry by 21 years old were only six percent in 2021. In 1980, the number was close to 33 percent. 

U.S. adults who married by 25 years old dropped from nearly 66 percent in the 80s to only 22 percent now. 

 A sociologist told The Hill, "There’s a longer checklist of items you need to complete before you’re considered marriageable. You need to get a quote-unquote real job. You need to be living independently. All of these milestones take time to achieve, and as we all know, many people aren’t ever going to achieve them."

US Census data says the average age for first-time brides is 28 and for grooms is 30. 

  • Americans are waiting longer and longer to get married | The Hill

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