With Father’s Day less than a week away now, it’s time to take care of any last-minute presents you need for the dads in your life. If you’re having a tough time deciding what to get, you’re in good company. A new Father’s Day survey finds that 38% of adults who shop for gifts say their dad is the most challenging person to shop for, much more difficult than moms (15%).

According to the survey:

  • Fathers may be so hard to shop for because nearly half (44%) of respondents say that when they ask their dad what he might like, he always says the same thing: “I don’t need anything.”
  • Other less than useful phrases dads offer when asked what they want include, “save your money for something else,” (27%), and “I don’t know” (17%).
  • As a result, fathers end up getting typical gifts like socks (22%), craft beer (19%) and aftershave (17%).
  • Still, 83% of dads surveyed say they’re usually happy with the presents they get for Father’s Day.
  • About two-thirds (65%) say they’d like to get their dad something “more inspired,” but they have no clue what that should be.
  • The dads polled say the top gifts they really want for Father’s Day include a meal out, a nice bottle of wine, a good book, a well-planned day out, tickets to a game, tech gifts and an all-inclusive vacation.

Source: Express

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