Here's How To Make The Viral French Press Sangria

Do you have a French press collecting dust in your cabinet because you never use it to make coffee? Well, you may want to pull it out, because TikTok has a new use for it: making sangria.

Popular TikToker Ereka Vetrini recently shared a video of how she uses the French press to make her take on a sangria/Aperol spritz combo. She puts cut up peaches, sliced oranges, cherries, a squeeze of orange juice, Aperol and Prosecco in it, then covers the press, stores it in the fridge for a few hours, then simply presses it and pours it over ice for a perfect summer sipper.

The comments section is divided between those who say the drink is neither a spritz or sangria, but others call it “genius.” And it turns out, you can use your French press to make other cocktails, too. Just about anything that needs muddling, like mojitos and juleps, as well as anything that needs an infusion of flavor, like a plum gin fizz can be made in one, and so can warm drinks, like hot toddies.

Source: Food and Wine

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