Experts Say This Is What Makes A Great Sandwich

Could you live on sandwiches alone for a full week? Two in three Americans (67%) say they could, according to a new survey. It finds that the average American craves a sandwich four times a week, but people have specific ideas about what makes the best sandwich.

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults asked what goes into the perfect sandwich and the top choices are tomato (54%), cheddar cheese (39%) and Black Forest ham (39%) on whole wheat bread (37%).

  • For condiments, ketchup is number one with 61%, followed by barbecue sauce, mayo and honey mustard all at 58%, then mustard at 56%. The least favorite was ranch (26%).
  • The meats people prefer for their perfect sandwich are Black Forest ham, regular ham, honey turkey and honey ham are all equal with 39%, followed by Black Forest turkey at 37%.
  • When it comes to bread, after whole wheat is sourdough (36%) and multigrain (33%).
  • After cheddar cheese, Swiss is next (36%), then American cheese (36%), pepper jack (31%) and provolone (30%).
  • As for the veggies people want on their perfect sandwich, onion ranks up there with tomato at 54%, then cucumber (51%), lettuce (47%) and pickles (46%).
  • More than half (58%) prefer to have their sandwiches toasted.
  • Nearly a third (29%) identify as a sandwich “minimalist” who prefers simple toppings, while 27% identify as a “savory lover,” and 15% say they have a “sweet tooth” sandwich personality.
  • As for the best place to enjoy a sandwich, 38% vote for the beach, 36% like it at home and 36% say in a park.

Source: SWNS Digital

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