Amazon Warns Users About Scams

In a rare move, Amazon is warning customers about scams related to the retail giant. The urgent scam warning to customers comes as con artists launch new schemes. The online retail giant is alerting customers to scams involving phone calls, texts, and emails.

One involves a reference to your Prime membership or an expensive membership fee, with scammers asking folks to confirm or cancel the charge, along with providing payment or bank account information to reinstate a membership. In another, users are told their account will be suspended or deleted, then are directed to click on a bogus link or verbally provide information to verify the account.

Amazon is reminding customers it "will never ask you to provide payment information for products or services over the phone."

Experts say to remember these four things to avoid becoming a victim: use trusted platforms only, never pay over the phone, if there is urgency then ignore it, and verify links.

Source: US Sun

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