What's The Best Seat For Sleeping On An Airplane

No matter how much you travel, being able to get a good night’s sleep on a long-haul flight can be challenging. Some seasoned travelers pop sleeping pills or go into hibernation mode by covering themselves with blankets to try to snooze, but a flight attendant suggests something else that may help more.

According to Etihad Airways flight attendant Lieche Klaasens, the key is in your seat selection. She explains that opting for a window seat is the best for getting shut-eye on a plane. It gives you a wall to lean on and “minimizes disruptions” from other passengers.

In addition to the window seat, Klaasens says wearing the right clothing makes it easier to relax. She encourages passengers to wear breathable, comfy, loose clothing and to avoid wearing stiff jeans and jackets. And say yes to eye masks that are offered to help block out the light on the plane so you’re more likely to get some sleep.

Source: NY Post

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