Vacations can be relaxing, but planning them takes a lot of work, we’re often working at least part of the time and everything is more expensive, all of which can make travel more stressful than soothing. On top of that, many of us are sleep deprived and going on a trip can make that even worse, as we stay up late and wake up early to make the most of our time away. Then we come home and feel worse than we did before we left, which is the opposite of how a vacation is supposed to make us feel.

That’s why a “sleep vacation” may be just what you need. There are two different ways to approach it:

  • You could make sleep the main focus of your trip by going on a sort of “sleep retreat.” This typically involves booking a luxury hotel room that’s specifically designed to promote rest, like Italy’s Six Senses Rome, which offers yoga, meditation and a medical assessment for your sleep challenges. There’s also the Park Hyatt New York’s Bryte Restorative Sleep Suite that features a mattress with AI that constantly adjusts to the conditions in the room to help you get the best sleep of your life.
  • The other way is to just prioritize sleep when you’re on vacation. Instead of rest being an afterthought, you sightsee and enjoy meals out, but you make sure you’re back to your bed at a reasonable hour. You don’t wake up early or go to bed late, you allow yourself to sleep as much as you want … and need.
  • Even if you don’t make sleep the focus of your next vacation, getting rest should be high on your to-do list so that you come back refreshed, rather than burned out. Think of it as self-care and make sure there’s a really good bed waiting at your next destination.

Source: Lifehacker

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