Looking to upgrade your morning routine? A neuroscientist from Stanford University is sharing what he says is the perfect way to start the day. Dr. Andrew Huberman says doing these things in the morning will “make you better at everything.”

He claims to follow this routine himself every morning, noting, “I’m certain that these tools work.”

Huberman’s step-by-step rules for his “optimized” morning routine include:

  1. Wake up no later than 6.30a.m. - When you wake up before sunrise, he says it’s best to “turn on a bunch of lights” while you wait for the sun to come out.
  2. Soak up natural light within an hour of waking up by doing a 10-minute walk outside, even if it is cloudy - He says this is “vital to mental and physical health.”
  3. Delay caffeine intake for 90 to 120 minutes after getting up - Waiting to have coffee helps to maintain focus for longer periods of the day, according to this expert.
  4. Drink water with electrolytes - Huberman adds “a little bit of sea salt” to “stimulate ionic flow.”
  5. Fast until 11 or 12 o'clock - Waiting to eat until close to noon helps improve sugar control, heart health and brain function.
  6. Finish 90 minutes of focused work - This is the time for deep focus, which he does with his phone off and out of the room to avoid distractions.
  7. Do some form of physical exercise for about an hour - He recommends doing this five days a week.
  8. Undergo deliberate cold exposure - This can be in the form of an ice bath.

Source: Daily Mail

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