Survey: Americans Find The "Boston Accent" The Most Annoying

No matter where you’re from, you have an accent, even if you don’t hear it yourself. Some accents are strong and heavy, while others are so slight, they’re easy to miss. A new survey asks 1-thousand Americans how they feel about different accents from around the world.

According to the poll:

  • The most annoying accent is Boston, followed by New York, then the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Canadian tops the list for funniest accent, with Scottish in second, then Australian.
  • Boston also comes in first for most assertive accent, followed by German, then Welsh.
  • The most boring, as well as the most calming accent is Canadian.
  • Americans think the most intelligent accents are London, German and Brummie - which is from Birmingham, England.
  • The most laid-back accents are all American, Mid-Atlantic is first, followed by Southern and Midwestern in third.
  • The most beautiful accent is French, the most charming is Scottish, while French wins for both most romantic and most seductive.
  • Australian is the most attractive accent, followed by Scottish, London, Irish, French and Italian.
  • The actors with the most enjoyable accents are Sean Connery (35%), Liam Neeson (34%) and Matthew McConaughey (33%).
  • Americans say the actors with the most difficult accents to understand are Arnold Schwarzenegger (37%), Sofia Vergara (29%) and Sylvester Stallone (28%).

Source: PIX11

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