Experts Warn About Babies & Screen Time

We've all heard how important it is to limit kids' screen time, but new research shows that it's important even for babies.

A new study says that infants and toddlers who experience too much screen time every day are at higher risk for developmental delays. That's TV, tablets, computers and phones. 

For example, one-year-olds who log two hours or more per day are 61% more likely to have delayed development of communication skills by age two. Bump that up to four hours a day and the risk is five times greater.

Screen time is also linked to delays in social skills and fine-motor skills.

And it doesn't matter if the programming is educational or just entertainment -- the results are the same. The World Health Organization recommends zero screen time for infants and no more than an hour per day for two-year-olds. (Washington Post

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