Pilates is an excellent workout, as it’s beginner-friendly, low-impact and strengthens and tones the core without a lot of equipment. But fans of the workout have found a way to take it up a notch at home by using a wall. Wall Pilates is the latest workout trend and it reportedly offers the same toning benefits as a reformer Pilates class, without the pricey boutique classes.

With Wall Pilates, you do the traditional Pilates exercises and use the wall to mimic the foot bar used in reformer Pilates classes. Pressing your feet against the wall adds resistance to the moves, which helps build strength. “Wall Pilates is great for improving stability, balance, strength and control,” explains Pilates instructor Callie Jardine. “Unlike traditional Pilates, your feet are typically elevated throughout most of the workout, so you may experience increased circulation, improved digestion and sleep and reduced muscle cramps.”

The workout is popular on social media, where you can find one-month wall Pilates challenges. One challenge created by Rachel’s Fit Pilates has almost a million views on YouTube and the before and after photos of those who’ve done it for a month are convincing. Fitness influencer Renée Mowatt says she saw impressive results with wall Pilates after discovering it on TikTok, where the hashtag has 12.6-million views. Experts say it typically takes a few months to see physical results from a strength workout, but exercise newbies may notice improved strength and balance after a month.

Source: Today

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