Thieves Steal Halloween Decorations In North Valley Neighborhood

From KOB-TV:

Halloween season is getting started early, and many people are already breaking out the decorations.

“I really love handing out candy,” said Christina Muñoz. “And I love to see all the costumes and everyone just being a kid. The whole dress-up aspect of it. It’s just really fun.” 

She says her favorite part is dressing up her house.

“We actually get people that come just to see the house for Halloween,” Muñoz said. “I usually start mid-September, just because it takes me a good week and a half to do all of the setup.” 

After skipping last Halloween for family reasons, Muñoz was preparing her biggest and brightest display ever, with nine different inflatables plugged in and ready to go.

“The mailman rang the doorbell, and he let me know that there was a planter broken. So there was a punter right over here. I came out to clean it, and when I looked at the yard, I noticed that half of the yard was empty,” said Muñoz.  

Three of her beloved inflatables — gone without a trace.

“They got the Jack Skellington, the Zero with the doghouse, and also the Lock, Stock and Barrel in a tub, and that was a brand new one,” Muñoz said.  

It was a true nightmare before Halloween.

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