People Eat 800 Extra Calories A Day When Working From Home

There are a lot of perks to working from home, but it may not be good for your waistline. According to a new survey, working at home can lead to excessive snacking that adds up to an extra 800 calories a day. On top of that, people take an average of 35-hundred fewer steps a day when working from home.

The poll of 2-thousand hybrid workers from the diet tracking app MyFitnessPal also finds:

  • About a third (36%) admit they snack even when they’re not hungry, while 60% say they eat more unhealthily at home.
  • Participants kept a log of their food and tracked their steps on a day they worked from home and researchers compared that to the data from a day in the office.
  • While working from home, they took an average of 4,518 steps, only a little over half of the 8,087 steps they walk on an average day in the office.
  • On a day of working from home, participants consumed an average of 2,752 calories, but during a typical day in the office, they consumed 1,961 calories, 791 fewer calories.

Source: NY Post

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