Spooky Airbnb Listings To Book For Halloween

If you’re big into Halloween and want to celebrate in a unique way, Airbnb has some choices. Here are some of the spots you can book:

  • Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans. The Haunted Room at the Parks-Bowman Mansion also boasts deep porches on all three levels to tempt you to rest and relax. The soaring center hall leads visitors to a carved cypress staircase ascending to the very top of the house, lit by stained-glass windows and massive chandeliers.
  • Horror House, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This rental has an eerie feeling, on top of being located in what's been described as a spooky town. Lake Havasu has many tales from locals and those passing by, making this mega-Airbnb the perfect stay this fall or beyond. Checking out the London Bridge in the city is also where many ghost-watchers head at night, as this is where spirits of the past hang out.
  • Haunted Mansion, Orange County, California. Featured on Disney's Haunted Mansion, this spooky Airbnb stay may just deliver some actual scares and screams. There are frequent reports of old-timey children's music playing in the distance, a ghost dog, and disembodied cries for help. In terms of amenities, this rental has four comfortable bedrooms, a lavish and Halloween-themed décor, a six-person Jacuzzi tub for a hauntingly good time with friends, and a fully-stocked kitchen.
  • The Enslin Mansion. Troy, New York. Rumored paranormal activity has made this abode quite popular. Guests have reported various ghostly encounters near the second floor and the attic. Of course, if you consider yourself to be a final girl, then you should think twice before going into any haunted attic. That said, some stay highlights include extra haunted bedrooms, a Spookeasy Dinner/Ghost Tour/Mentalism show, and more.

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Source: The Travel

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