Everyone has TV shows they love so much, they tell anyone who will listen that they need to watch it. And most of us have also felt like everyone in the world was watching and obsessing over a show that for some reason, we just weren’t interested in or couldn’t get into. A Reddit post has people talking about them by asking, “What TV show will you never watch no matter how many times people say how good it is?”

People have a lot of thoughts on this topic and these are some of the shows mentioned most often in the 11-thousand responses.

  • "’The Office.’ Sorry, but it’s true. Everyone tells me to look up the 'funniest clips,' but the 'funniest clips' are just so un-f'ing funny that I’ll probably never watch it."
  • "I hated ‘Friends’ when it was airing, I can’t believe it made a comeback and found a new audience."
  • "’The Bachelor’ or any TV show like that. Some of them were kinda funny in the '90s, but now they are horrible."
  • "This Is Us. It’s the show that everyone is like, 'It’s really good, and every episode makes you cry!'"
  • "’Succession.’ I tried watching it and barely got through a few episodes before getting irrationally angry."
  • "Anything Kardashians-related."
  • "’Breaking Bad,’ and I don't know why — I bet it's great. I've really just got no want to watch it."
  • "’The Big Bang Theory.’ It is literally a show made for non-nerd viewers to laugh at the non-nerd writers' caricatures of nerds."
  • "’Sex and the City.’ It hasn't aged well. If you missed the phenomenon of it in the early '00s, there's no point watching it now. Lots of better single ladies in NYC being single shows out there."
  • "Why would I ever watch ‘Grey's Anatomy’ when I can rewatch Scrubs over and over again?"
  • "Any show beginning with 'The Real Housewives of…'"
  • "’The Handmaid's Tale’ is just way too disturbing. I had to stop watching it because it was making me depressed."
  • "’The Walking Dead.’ All zombie stories are the same. I watched about five episodes back in the day, and I was bored out of my mind."
  • "’Game of Thrones,’ … I barely got through the first episode, so probably will never watch it fully."

Source: Reddit

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