There’s something about swearing that sort of makes us feel better in a tense or upsetting situation, but there are a lot of times and places profanity could actually make things worse, many of them kid-related. And that’s why a lot of us have come up with alternatives to swearing to use in those instances. A Reddit post has people sharing theirs by asking, “What's your go-to 'non-curse word,' curse word that you use when you need to keep it clean but still vent your frustration or surprise?”

Thousands of responses have come in and these are some of the best:

  • "Well, that's suboptimal."
  • “What The French Toast!”
  • “‘Biscuits!!’ Thanks to Blueys dad.”
  • “Aw, you son of a motherless goat.”
  • “I go full ‘The good place.’ Fork. Shirt.”
  • “One of my kids says 'oh, booger!' And another says, 'oh, sausages!'”
  • “Sssssssssssssssugar”
  • “Usually ‘shazbot.’"
  • “Shut the front door!”
  • “Fuuuuuuuunctional Enterprises”
  • “SHIn to shin combat”
  • “Flip Flops! Shark! Shark Farts! Aw, Raspberries! Flop Butter! Frog Guts! ALBUQUERQUE!!!!”
  • “Frick”
  • “Benedict Cumberbatch!”
  • “I often just say ‘Curse word! Vile, offensive curse word!’ It tends to get a laugh, especially since I say it in the exact tone you'd use to say an actual vile, offensive curse word.”
  • “Battlestar Galactica”
  • “At work I always say, ‘Cheese and Rice!’ instead of Jesus Christ.”
  • “‘SERIOUSLY???’ Replaces ‘what the %$^&’”
  • “Son of a biscuit eating bulldog.”
  • “Ssshhhitake mushroom!”
  • “Mother of pearl!”
  • “Who are you callin a cootie queen you lint licker?”

Source: Reddit

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