Study Says We Spend Way Too Much Time On Emails!

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on emails at work? New research suggests it’s probably longer than you think. A survey of 8-thousand small business employees finds they write an average of 112 emails a week, spending a little more than five and a half (5.8) minutes on each one.

That adds up to 10 hours and 47 minutes a week just writing emails, and it turns out, a lot of them aren’t even being read by their recipients. Respondents admit they delete or otherwise don’t read an email based only on the subject line eight times a day, on average. And that’s led nearly half (45%) of them to miss a meeting, deadline or something else work-related.

The poll also reveals:

  • Respondents think their emails are only fully read and understood by the recipients 36% of the time.
  • That may be why respondents say it’s common to get an email response that doesn’t answer their questions (62%), addresses them by the wrong name (51%) or asks a question they just answered (49%).
  • The workers surveyed admit they’re also guilty of not reading emails, with 57% confessing that if an email is “too long” - eight or more sentences - they don’t bother reading the whole thing.
  • Nearly half (46%) say email is an “outdated form of communication.”
  • Top frustrations of using email include important emails going to spam or junk folders (53%), inbox getting clogged with emails that aren’t relevant to them (50%), it’s easy to misinterpret tone in emails (47%), there’s an expectation of staying “formal” (45%) and not being able to remove themselves from email chains (29%).
  • Almost half of those surveyed (49%) would like their company to transition from email to other forms of communication.

Source: SWNS Digital

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