The Most Googled Halloween Foods And Drinks

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you’ll want to serve a range of Instagram-worthy foods that will somehow delight and disgust your guests at the same time. For those who need a little inspiration, Google is here to help by revealing the most popular Halloween recipes based on searches on the site.

These are the Halloween foods and cocktails people are searching for most this year:

  • All things “spooky” - The key for a monster bash may just be to make everything spooky. According to Google, the top trending recipes include “spooky margaritas” and “spooky pasta salad” - which can be made with a little black and/or purple food coloring and your usual pasta salad ingredients. “Spooky cinnamon rolls” are one of the most popular searches, and they can be made with red velvet cinnamon dough or orange and black with chocolate cinnamon filling.
  • Gore is also on the menu - Some people aren’t afraid to get gross when it comes to Halloween food and the two top trending recipes for the holiday are “lychee eyeballs” and “bloody balls.” For the eyeballs, use whole lychees filled with jam and blueberries to look like eyes, while searches for “Halloween bloody balls” include everything from cake pop recipes to smoky bloody meatballs.
  • Mummies are in - In 2022, “mummy hot dogs” was a breakout search term, which means searches for it increased by more than 5,000% within the given timeframe. In 2023, searches for “mummy cake pops” are up by 500% and “mummy hot dogs” searches have increased by 250%.
  • Spider-themed foods - These are also seeing a boost in popularity this year. “spider web taco dip” is the breakout search term for 2023 and “pretzel spider webs” are fourth in trending Halloween recipes.
  • Halloween booze - People want something to sip on with all these foods and the top trending Halloween cocktail searches are “Witches brew,” “Candy corn shot,” “Syringe jello shot,” “Zombie drink” and “Black jello.”

Source: The Takeout

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