How To Make Thanksgiving Food Safe For Your Dog

The stereotypical family Thanksgiving dinner includes a dog begging for scraps. While it seems cute it could be deadly for your doggo. If you want your pup to enjoy the food like everyone else, here are the foods you can make safe to eat that won’t upset their tummy either:

  • Pure Mashed Potatoes. Common ingredients like garlic and dairy are no-good for your pup's digestive tract, according to the ASPCA. Excessive amounts of salt are also a big no-no
  • Yeast Dough. Only give them a tiny piece of a roll, not the whole thing
  • Green Bean Casserole. The onion can do serious damage to Fido as can some added spices. Skip this
  • Stuffing. Another hard pass for your pup. It can be toxic
  • Pumpkin pie. Skip the spices and give them pumpkin puree instead (not canned pumpkin pie filling)
  • Turkey. Dogs can have just a tiny bit, but with no bones or seasonings.

if you want to make your dog a Thanksgiving dinner, check here for recipes.

Source: Little Things

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